Bacteria –The good, the bad and all in your gut!

Did you know bacteria were the first living organisms to live on earth?  While we may not be able to see them with our eyes, they are everywhere! Just on the human body alone, we each have 100 trillions of bacteria. 1,000,000,000,000,000. Some bacteria are good while others can cause illness and disease such as food poisoning and diarrhoea.

The good bacteria help to keep the gut healthy by keeping harmful bacteria at bay, aiding with digestion and absorption of nutrients and the production of some vitamins. A balance between the good and bacteria is important, so keep your gut bacteria happy by:

  • Eating lots of fruit and vegetables for fibre
  • Drinking plenty of fluids even in colder weather
  • Be active – small bouts of physical activity that add up to 30 minutes daily
  • Staying calm and manage your stress levels
  • Including probiotics into your diet. Good sources include fermented milks and probiotic containing yoghurts.

Yakult Dietitian

Dinah Woon

Dietitian APD