Factory Tours

We offer FREE guided tours at our factory in Dandenong, Victoria and YOU ARE INVITED!


Everybody is welcome to visit the Yakult factory, located at 10 Monterey Road, Dandenong. Visitors can view the entire production process safely through large viewing windows.

The hi-tech facility incorporates food processing equipment designed specifically for manufacturing Yakult, including Yakult’s distinctively-shaped bottles, filling and packaging lines, culture and quality control rooms. Everyone has the opportunity to taste the deliciously refreshing Yakult.

Tours are conducted from Monday to Friday and run for approximately 1 hour.

Bookings are essential and are subject to availability.


Please note – The facility has 4 levels of stairs, with lift facilities available only for those using wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches etc. We are unable to provide pram/stroller access at our facility and the use of stairs whilst carrying an infant is NOT recommended. Therefore, we advise that the minimum age in order to attend a Yakult Australia Factory Tours is 2 years old and above. The child should be able to use the stairs unassisted. Visitor safety is of the utmost importance to Yakult Australia, and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

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For Schools:

To book a tour for a school group, click here.

If you haven’t visited our factory before, your school may be eligible for the Bus Subsidy Program. Please fill in our Bus Subsidy Request Form.

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