About Your Gut – 肠道健康手册

Ever wondered about your child’s digestive function or your own? Your gut plays so many important roles in keeping your body functioning well. In a recent campaign, we received numerous questions from mums on all things gut related.

To support the amazing mums who got in touch with us and to help keep your family’s digestive system in top shape we have created a simplified Chinese booklet on Intestinal Health.

This resource has been specially published in the mandarin language. The content includes a quick quiz to find out your intestinal age, the different types of poo and what it means, tips to prevent constipation, the inside guide on how to choose quality probiotics, a sample meal plan for when starting solids in infants and information about the benefits of probiotics like Yakult.

Includes bonus content on:

  • The reason why constipation is common among pregnant women
  • Tips for taking probiotics
  • The difference between yoghurt, fermented drinks, Yakult and milk

If you found this resource useful, please share the goodness of intestinal health with your family and friends. Want more content like this? Drop us a message.

Click the image below to download your copy here:



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