Yakult’s New Supporters

Yakult’s love of sport has meant that we love being able to support and encourage teams around Australia. Recently Yakult visited Sydney in order to further show their support to some local teams. Yakult has built up a partnership with Mate FC https://matefc.com/en/  and Sydney Cheerleading Springs https://sydneycheersprings.wixsite.com/mysite

Yakult has been able to align with their vision at Mate FC to sponsor them. Mate FC aims to promote the joy of physical activity and the importance of having dreams through soccer.
The club would like to teach discipline, greetings, and language, and make the school a place where positive words can be heard on the field.
Our goal is to support the development of children who can adapt to any environment and grow up to be active in soccer and the world. The support from Yakult was further shown by the donation of soccer balls.

Yakult’s corporate physiology is ‘We contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world through the pursuit of excellence in life sciences in general and our research and experience in microorganisms in particular. Being able to support growing communities is a passion we continue to extend.

The Sydney Cheerleading springs is also a community building high energy, encouragement and big smiles to all. The cheerleading program aims to provide opportunities to build self-esteem and a lifelong friendship and to learn courtesy by working together in a team environment. Yakult Australia is a proud supporter of Sydney Cheerleading Springs. The donation of cheerleading mats was also donated to them.

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