Flavour of Yakult

How would you describe the taste of Yakult?

Yakult has a refreshing sweet and tangy taste. This flavour is unique to Yakult but our fans often describe it as tropical and fresh with nods to lime and citrus but with a creamy twist! This is because it has the unique Yakult fresh zesty taste (from the natural fermentation process and add flavour) blended with the creamy vanilla (from the taste of the milk).

Our founder Dr Minoru Shirota first developed the world’s first commercially available probiotic drink to deliver live beneficial bacteria to our intestines in the 1930s, with the hope its benefits and taste would be widely accepted. In honour of Dr Shirota, the Original taste of Yakult has been maintained across 40 different countries around the world.


I have seen flavoured Yakult overseas. Do you have different flavours in Australia?

No. Yakult Australia produces the ‘original’ Yakult and Yakult LIGHT. There are no plans to introduce more flavours to Australia at the current time.

But you can definitely create your own Yakult with flavours by incorporating a bottle in smoothies, milky bubble teas and more. Check out our recipe here.

To keep the goodness of the bacteria LIVE, only incorporate Yakult into cold beverages.


Why does Yakult taste sweet-sour?

During the natural fermentation process of Yakult, the bacteria produce lactic acid that makes the drink taste sour. Therefore, by adding sugar, Yakult is made more palatable and acceptable for taste.

Watch this video to know why Yakult contains sugar.


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