School Holiday Program Review 2021

Every school holiday Yakult offers a program that attracts hundreds of visitors to explore our entire production process. Not only do people come from far and wide to see the intricate details of our factory but they also get to learn about the digestive system and healthy eating. This free program enables primary school age children and their parents the chance to explore one of Australia’s most well-loved drinks. In the recent June/July school holidays we had over 600 people take part in this program.

How is the program run?

The program in a 2-hour fun packed session where you get to experience how Yakult is created from start to finish. Our viewing platforms are designed to showcase the manufacturing processes and take you on a journey.

The school holiday program involves an educational aspect as we discuss the digestive system and engage in fun crafts for all ages. The session educates the children about healthy living and food in their daily life as well as getting creative with craft activities.

As part of our environmental sustainability, we use empty Yakult bottles to create an activity based around Yakult’s Japanese heritage. Yakult Man was a big hit in our educational cartoon on healthy eating emphasising the importance of a healthy diet and eating our vegetables. When Yakult Man wasn’t occupied with protecting our gut, he made a special appearance to take pictures with our visitors and help present the certificates of participation.

Want to be a part of the fun?

For those who have missed out this round and would like to experience this program, please follow our social media pages – Facebook and Instagram, to find out when the next School Holiday Program is open for bookings.  Alternatively send us an email to to express your interest in upcoming programs.

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