Types of Yakult

There are two different types of Yakult available in Australia and New Zealand, Yakult Original and Yakult LIGHT.







Yakult Original is available in a 5 and 10 pack of 65ml bottles with each containing 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria.

Yakult LIGHT is our reduced sugar version of Yakult, with 40% less calories and less than 3 grams of sugar per bottle. It offers all the same benefits as the Original with the same high number of beneficial bacteria.

With the same great taste and high quality, Yakult LIGHT is available in a 5-bottle pack and was developed in response to consumer feedback. Stevia, derived from the Stevia plant helps to give Yakult LIGHT the same refreshing taste with even less sugar. Stevia is also known as steviol glycoside, which is how you will find it written on our ingredients list.

Do you yakult?