Yakult Research Facilities

Yakult Central Institute (YCI)

Established in 1967 by Dr Shirota, the Yakult Central Institute is located in Tokyo, Japan. The YCI is at the cutting edge of probiotic research. Its primary function is to investigate the use of microbes and their role in the digestive system.

In 2016, the construction and update of the new Yakult Central Research Institute was completed. The facility now boasts state of the art R&D and technical capabilities in intestinal microbiota across 7 research areas (basic research, the analytical science department, microbiology research, food research, pharmaceutical and cosmetic research and overall safety research).

It also features the Shirota memorial museum open to the public detailing the findings of Dr Shirota, Yakult and its link to the future.

Today, over 300 research scientists and medical doctors are actively researching microbes (bacteria) and their impact on digestive wellbeing.

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Yakult Honsha European Centre
for Microbiology (YHER)

In 2005, the YHER was established in Ghent, Belgium. The growth of our research data from both research facilities has enabled us to establish a global research perspective spanning across the globe from the east to the west.

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