Yakult manufacturing facility now has a new robotic arm!

What does a robotic arm do?

The robotic arm’s main role in the factory is to stack slabs of Yakult on to pallets. A slab is made up either 5 or 10 packs of Yakult packed in to groups of 50 bottles. Three slabs of Yakult are picked up each time by the robotic arm and are stacked onto a pallet ready for transportation to stores around Australia and New Zealand. The robotic arm works efficiently, taking just 15 minutes to fully stack a pallet of 168 slabs or 8,400 bottles ready to be delivered to a store near you.

Why do we need a robotic arm?

We are looking out for our employees who previously manually checked the slabs prior to stacking them onto a pallet. This was a labour-intensive and time-consuming job which we are now able to minimise with the introduction of the robotic arm. This removes the risk of injuries to staff and frees them up to carry out other responsibilities in the factory

Interested in finding out more and seeing our robotic arm in action?

Discover how Yakult is made by visiting our Yakult manufacturing facility here in Dandenong.

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