Simple tips for adding prebiotics to some of your family favourites

Prebiotic’ fibre is a type of dietary fibre that reaches the large intestine undigested. Including this type of fibre in your diet can help maintain digestive balance by providing nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Not all fibre is prebiotic, the list below highlights which foods have a high prebiotic fibre content.

Based on this list, we thought of some simple ways to add a prebiotic punch to some of your everyday favourite meals:

1. Potato salad

Cooked and then cooled potatoes and spring onions are a great source of prebiotics, pair them together with a dressing for a delicious potato salad.

2. Pizza

Use whole wheat pizza dough topped with pizza sauce and plenty of vegetables including artichoke for a double dose of prebiotic fibre.

3. Muesli

Oats, dried fruit such as figs and dates and nuts such as cashews and pistachios contain prebiotic fibre; pair with some yoghurt for a prebiotic powered breakfast.

4. Baked beans on toast

Baked beans and rye bread are terrific sources of prebiotic fibre; the two together make a protein and prebiotic packed breakfast.

5. Pasta

Whole-wheat pasta, tomatoes, garlic and onion are all sources of prebiotics, team them together with some fresh herbs and parmesan cheese to create a delicious dinner for you and your beneficial bacteria!

* Some high fibre foods may result in gas production and can cause excess wind. Gas is produced by some beneficial bacteria when they break down fibre. To avoid digestive upset, increase high fibre foods slowly (over 7 days) to allow your gut time to adapt and avoid problems relating to excess ‘wind’.

Meg Sadler-Keary
Yakult Dietitian