New Packaging

There is lots of exciting things happening as we continue to expand and upgrade our manufacturing facility to make room for all the delicious Yakult we make fresh daily.

We are currently also in the process of updating the packaging for all our Yakult products with a revamp of our current labels. In line with consumer feedback and our drive for continued improvement, the new packaging features ‘open here’ tabs on the outer plastic wrap, with in-built perforated lines for easy opening.

The ‘open here’ tabs will feature on both the Yakult original 5-pack and Yakult LIGHT. While the Yakult original 10-pack will have the in-built perforated lines on the back of the packs, the printed ‘open here’ tabs will not feature on the new 10-pack design.

To open press the perforated lines on the ‘open here’ tabs to allow the outer wrap to split open.

The new packaging will also feature an update to our current Yakult logo, from the green and red brackets we have used for over 20 years to the all new red brackets.

With the same great taste and benefits of 6.5 billion live beneficial bacteria in each and every bottle; look out for our new Yakult packs coming your way!

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