Introducing our new resource ‘Poop diary’

At Yakult, our fermentable milk drink contains the unique bacteria called ‘Lacticaseibacillus paracasei Shirota’. Yakult has shown to benefit for your intestinal health and digestive system including, improved bowel regularity and consistency. How do you check the health of your digestive system by looking in the toilet?

Firstly, what is a healthy bowel motion?

Let’s get real about your bathroom buddy – poop! What makes for a healthy bowel motion, you ask? Picture this: a smooth, sausage-like stool that’s easy to pass, with a light to dark brown colour. If your bowel motions are more on the watery side, you might be experiencing diarrhoea. And if it’s dry, unformed-separate nuggets and hard-to-pass side you could be going through constipation.

Why tracking your bowel motions (poop) can be helpful?

Tracking is a way for you to understand the frequency and consistency of your bowels and the healthiness of your intestines.
This is where we would like to introduce a new poop diary. It’s like having a personal diary for your digestive health. The diary is a fun and engaging way to encourage not only adults, but also children in understanding their bowel motions.

What is included?

– The seven types of bowel motions, from loose to formed to hard consistency. Aim for type 3 or 4 (healthy bowel motion)*
– Tracking boxes for a seven-day week (Sunday to Saturday) across four weeks.
– Two important questions after you have completed all four weeks:
• How many times is each stool type marked in the calendar?
• How many days have I drank Yakult?
– A colouring in page, is a fun way to tick off the completion of the weeks as they go by.

*If your bowel motions are on the loose or harder end of the spectrum, we encourage you to seek a health professional i.e. dietitian that can assist in making positive change in your diet.

We hope you enjoy the use of this diary as much as we did creating it.