How do you stay active in Winter?

It’s easy to feel inspired to get active in Spring and Summer; the longer, sunnier days provide the perfect setting for games of cricket in the park, swimming at the beach or late evening walks. The thought of taking shorts or swimwear out of winter storage can be a big motivator for taking extra interest in our physical fitness too. But what about staying active in Autumn and Winter when the days become shorter and colder?

With so many indoor sports and activities available to us, it’s good to know that there are many options to help us stay active when the weather outside is less than welcoming.

What do you do to stay active when it is cold and wet outside?  Do you play an indoor sport, or take a gym class? Do you visit an indoor heated pool or walk on a home treadmill while watching your favourite TV show?

Staying active, eating well and looking after your mental health are all important things to include as part of a healthy lifestyle, and don’t forget to include probiotics like Yakult in your diet to look after your gut health too.