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As we start the countdown to the end of the year and the start of a new one, there are probably countless to-do-lists to get through – gift shopping lists, Christmas parties to attend, to writing New Year resolutions to usher in the next year.

Here a list to put a skip in your step and fill you with cheer as we count down to Christmas and the New Year.

  1. Check your calendar – Identify the dates when celebrations are on and plan healthy meals for the days in between.
  2. Focus on relationships – Food tends to take centre stage, instead take the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, doing activities that make this time of the year meaningful.
  3. Celebrate a season of experiences – instead of buying more toys than the kids really need, why not spend the money on holiday experiences? Spend a day at the zoo, enjoy a boat ride, or camp in the backyard and donate the money to the less fortunate.
  4. Rest up – Don’t skimp on rest during the month leading up to Christmas. You’ll only end up feeling run down, putting stress on your immune system. Take time to stop, relax and enjoy.
  5. Give back – Too often we focus so much on ourselves, but the holidays provide ample opportunities to share with those in need.
  6. Take walks – After the evening meal why not take a walk with the family to enjoy the neighbourhood Christmas lights and use the opportunity to squeeze in some physical activity and family time.
  7. Join a Christmas fun run – Not only is it a lot of fun and for a good cause, but it will keep you active. Check
  8. Splurge wisely – holidays come once a year but the on-going parties and rich festive food can seem never ending, decide which foods to enjoy and which to leave.
  9. Use a smaller plate – Only fill a side salad size plate with your favourites. This will help keep portions sizes under control.
  10. Drink water – holiday beverages like eggnog, soft drinks and wine can add empty calories. Stay hydrated with water. At parties, alternate water with other beverages.
  11. Set realistic goals – We can’t expect to change habits overnight, but a few reasonable resolutions with an action plan can mean we are able to achieve them.
  12. Stay positive – it is human to overindulge one day or skip exercise the other, but don’t give up. Stay focused, positive and half the battle is won.

Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year from the team at Yakult Australia!

Dinah Woon
Yakult Dietitian