Gut Health Check In- Easter Edition

With the Easter holidays around the corner, it is a tempting time to indulge and eat all the chocolates you can find. This of course leads to the aftermath of those uncomfortable bloating episodes and discomfort. Follow these tips so you and your digestive system can enjoy the holidays:


1. Hydration: have you drank enough water today?

Most people will find themselves constantly snacking because of dehydration.

Keeping up your water intake can reduce those feelings as well as maintain concentration by staying properly hydrated.


2. Remember your fibre

Fibre is the key to happy microbes in our gut. Make sure you pile up your plate with fibre rich foods to help you over the holiday period. This could be adding beans to meals, tossing in healthy grains for salads and incorporating oats into smoothies.


3. Practice mindful eating

It can be a challenge not to overeat and consume lots of sweet treats during Easter.

Being mindful when we eat does not mean restriction but in actively considering what we are consuming. Taking the time to enjoy what we have on our plate can help with digestion and save you from the regret of over-indulging.


4. Stock up on probiotics

Our intestines contain trillions of bacteria. The bacteria in our intestines help keep us balanced and healthy. Probiotics help to replenish the goodness within. Stocking up on beneficial  bacteria like the LcS strain in Yakult over the holidays is a great way to assist our digestive balance.


5. Enjoy a post-meal walk

The idea of an after-meal nap is enticing but isn’t as helpful as a post meal walk. Movement can help boost digestion along with breathing in fresh air after a big meal. Taking a walk will not only decrease your chances of experiencing acid reflux but also allow you to enjoy the holiday ambience.