Frequently Asked Questions: Why are there straws in Yakult packaging?

We are often asked why we have straws in our 10-pack of Yakult; majority of the time it is in relation to environmental concerns.

Due to the tight seal of the foil cap on the Yakult bottles to prevent the risk of contamination, some people may find it difficult to open. Realising this is an issue for some people, we made the straws an available option for those would like assistance in opening their bottle every day.

Straws are a feature only in the Yakult 10-pack. They are placed between the two 5-bottle rows during the packaging process before they are wrapped together. Straws are not included in Yakult Original and LIGHT 5-packs and may be a suitable alternative if you are concerned with the environmental impact of the straws.

Yakult makes a conscious effort to minimise waste and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Recycling all appropriate packaging, using energy efficient LED lights and treating water waste on site are just a few examples of our effort to be eco-friendly. For more information regarding ways Yakult make environmental considerations, check out our September 2017 blog or come in for a factory tour where you will have the chance to see the whole manufacturing process and ask questions.

Remember your Yakult bottles are also code 6 recyclable, which some councils will recycle! Make sure you’re doing the right thing with your bottles!

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