Everybody is welcome for a free factory tour of Yakult!

Throughout May we have had over 2,000 VCE students visit our factory to see the manufacturing process to support their studies in Business Management focusing on the unit of operations management.

The tours are tailored to match the VCE curriculum demonstrating the textbook theory in application here at Yakult following the production process. It allows the students to think critically about what they have learnt and how it is applied in the real world. Each student also receives a show bag containing information about Yakult, the production process, a tour souvenir and the option to sample a bottle of Yakult.

The business management students can see the inputs, transformations, outputs and supply principles related to their unit as well as develop a greater understanding of the quality control and assurance measures used at Yakult. Our continuous improvements to the factory facility means that we are able to explain and demonstrate our latest manufacturing processes. We are also able to demonstrate our efforts in the area of corporate and social responsibility, by contributing to the health and happiness of our workers and customers.

Yakult Australia proudly promotes our free factory tours, which can be tailored toward a large variety of school topics and year levels. This includes Food Technology, Science, Health and production processes such as ‘raw to ready’ and ‘paddock to plate’ concepts. If you think you or your school would benefit from a tailored factory tour, please contact Yakult to book your tour today!

Everybody is welcome for a tour! We look forward to providing you with a fun, interactive and insightful experience.

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