Did you know? Environmental considerations are made ‘Every Day’ at Yakult Australia!

Yakult makes a conscious effort to ensure the manufacturing process creates as little waste as possible and we endeavour to reduce the amount of energy our factory needs to run efficiently.

Here is a list of just a few things we do!

  • Effective waste management strategies contribute to a cleaner and less wasteful facility – 99.5 % of Yakult’s raw ingredients end up in the bottle. There are no by-products.
  • Cleaning waste is processed in the on-site water treatment facility.
  • Recycling of packaging materials occurs where it is economically and environmentally viable, for example:
    • Paper products such as skim milk powder bags are recycled.
    • Bottles are collected for recycling. They are crushed and mixed with other resin to be repurposed into products such as plastic chairs and tables.
  • Keeping equipment well maintained
  • Heating liquids with heat exchange plates so that energy is not lost or wasted
  • Not using chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) in cooling or refrigeration
  • Using off peak rates for utilities where possible
  • Using a natural gas boiler for short periods which does not pollute the air
  • Using LED lights

Did you know?

Our bottles are actually Code 6 recyclable!

Due to the introduction of our bottle making machinery prior to recycling labels being required on packaging; this is why you do not see a recycling symbol featured on our bottles. Check with your council to see if they recycle this type of plastic.

Now you can enjoy your bottle of Yakult knowing that we’ve done our bit for the environment!

Come for a factory tour to find out more about what we do to be friendly to our environment!

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