Current Expansion Project at Yakult

Due to the increasing demand for Yakult we have outgrown our current storage premises. A new 340m2 cool room is currently being built.

This will nearly triple our current storage capacity. There has been a hive of activity around the factory with expansion and construction of the new cold room which is due to be completed around late September. The cool room will be fitted with an innovative automated racking system which will be able to store approximately 336 pallets which equates to about 2.8 million bottles of Yakult. This new process is an Australian first for the company to install this type of racking in a storage facility. It will be more efficient in utilising storage space. The expansion will ensure we have sufficient cold storage for years to come, enabling us to provide our customers in Australia and New Zealand with refreshing Yakult made fresh daily in our factory straight from our facility to a supermarket near you.

There will be an official opening ceremony when the storage facility is completed. We are all very keen to see the new process of the automated racking system that will be installed in the cool room.

Watch this space for further updates!

The following photos display a snap shot of the process of constructing the new cold storage room.