Back to school? Here are our lunch box tips!

The beginning of a new school year often presents mixed emotions for parents. Preparing your child for school can be a stressful time, with joy, excitement and trepidation common feelings. Packing a healthy, nutritious lunchbox can pose challenge (especially for those fussy eaters!). We’ve complied our top tips to help with lunch box stress!

  1. Use A Bento Lunch Box
    Bento style lunch boxes are an excellent way to display your child’s food. The various compartments keep food separate, reduce the need for packaging and is visually appealing. Try popcorn, berries, cheese, pretzels, guacamole, savoury muffins and dried fruit.
  2. Keep options diverse
    The same old lunch quickly becomes tedious. Keep your child’s lunch box varied and full of variety! We recommend rotating options weekly. Additionally, variety facilitates children’s exposure to a range of tastes, textures and flavours.
  3. Seek balance and avoid processed snacks
    Some processed, pre-packaged convenience foods contain excess sodium, sugar and fat to enhance taste. Look out for healthier options high in fruit and vegetable content or wholefood sources (e.g. wholegrains).
  4. Use an insulated bag and ice bricks
    Ensure food is stored adequately – use an insulated lunch bag and include ice bricks to keep food cool.

We hope our back to school tips will assist you with lunch box preparation and optimising your child’s nutrition!

Image courtesy of @melb.mum – Instagram.


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