A visit to Yakult Indonesia

I recently had an amazing opportunity to visit Yakult in Indonesia. Due to future expansion of Yakult sales in the country, the company constructed a second plant in Surabaya, East Java, to strengthen product supply. The production capacity is of the plant is currently 610,000 bottles per day.

An important delivery service for approximately 49% of Yakult sales in Indonesia is through the Yakult ladies, and I was fortunate to visit one of their offices in the outer Surabaya. The ladies sell Yakult door to door, riding push bikes with cooler bags to carry bottles.

There are now 5,700 Yakult ladies working in Indonesia.

These Yakult ladies are highly motivated about their role in the company, taking part in daily role plays, so that they can then educate Indonesians about the importance of having a balanced digestive system.

Last year Yakult Indonesia reached average sales of 4 million bottles per day.

It was a fantastic experience to attend the Asia Oceania PR & Science Meeting 2015 in Surabaya.

Tania King, Education Coordinator

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