A few wellness tips as we head into the holiday season

We are (fast) approaching the end of 2014, and at this time of year it’s all too easy to lose our daily routines in the merry-go-round of work, family life, social and work gatherings, and Christmas shopping.

This year I’m making a conscious effort to try and slow down, and try not to get too caught up in the hectic-ness and overindulgence that often accompanies the holiday season.

Easier said than done I know, but I thought I’d share some tips in how to maintain your health (and sanity) during the silly season.

  1. Keep a diary of all your commitments, and take a look before the start of each new week. Then you know how many meals will be eaten at home, and can plan your food shopping list accordingly.
  2. Go for quality over quantity when at social or work events. You’re more likely to really enjoy and savour a beautiful home-made fruit mice pie or dessert than a mass-produced one.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up for indulging occasionally- nobody’s diet is perfect. If you eat 3 meals a day, you’ve got 21 meals. A couple of more indulgent choices in a week are not the end of the world; just make the rest of those 21 meals your usual, healthier options (this is where the diary becomes important).
  4. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption- alcohol contains 29kJ per gram and have no nutritive value. Offer to be the designated driver, have a wine spritzer (half soda water), have water in between every alcoholic drink or just savour one or two glasses of a more expensive wine rather than three or four of a cheaper drop!
  5. Make the best use of your time- shop online for groceries (then the lolly aisle can’t tempt you!) or Christmas gifts, and utilise their gift-wrapping option! Think of all the time you’ll save not competing for a car space at the shopping centres or wrapping gifts. Then you have more time to get outside and go for a walk, swim or play with the kids/pets.

From all of us here at Yakult Australia, we wish you a holiday season and new year filled with happiness and good health.

Rachael Thompson
Yakult Dietitian APD